KULÜP Holding follows the new business opportunities in the digitalizing world and aims to provide income for its investors with projects it develops in global, national and local scales. Every project that hasnot been tested or that has the potential to create an income model with new technological facilities is in the scope of KULÜP Holding.

The people who make up KULÜP Holding consultative committee evaluate the projects with their business experiences in the digital world and then mentor the projects. With the board members who have carried out many successful projects in their own areas and the experienced KULUP Holding team, the ideas are transformed into products.

KULÜP Holding not only supports the projects in the funding stage, but also handles the projects in all the facilities of idea stage, r&d process, development, production and marketing.

THE MARKET In our world which is in the edge of a new industry revolution, digital change has reached a level that affects human life in a vast scale. With the mobile devices and network coverage of the Internet becoming more common, 53% of the world population use the Internet in 2018. 49% of the world population are mobile Internet users. Taking these numbers into consideration, we get a market of 4.02 billions. With the changing new generation, the age is increasing since the old aged using the Internet less decrease. Due to that, new markets arise for the products and services for the ages defined as aged.

* We Are Social 2018 World Internet, Social Media and Mobile Users Statistics


The sectors we aim to invest include digital change / transformation and the services that run on the Internet.
Main topics of our interest are;

Data Hosting - Data Center (Datacenter), Cloud (Cloud)
Artificial Intelligence - Image Processing Systems, Natural Language Processing Interfaces, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms
Blockchain - Decentralized Distributed Software Systems, Crypto Coins, ILP Based Finance Applications
Data Analysis - Data Processing, Data Removal, Data Modeling / Analysis
Social Media - Mobile social media tools
Education - Online education, Educational games

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